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Dogmelon Privacy Policy


Dogmelon Privacy Policy

What information does dogMelon collect?

1. Cookies

We use cookies to track which pages are visited, at what time, and what products are bought.

2. IP Addresses

We log IP addresses to administer our web site.

3. Email Addresses

We collect email addresses when people sign up to our optional mailing list. The email addresses we collect are only used to distribute our newsletter. They are not shared with any other party.

4. Purchase Data

We use various merchant eCommerce sites to take payment for our software. From some merchants, we receive information entered by the customer such as name and contact details (phone numbers, addresses). We use this information to contact you when necessary to send you the products your ordered, including updated versions. We also use this information to communicate other information such as our newsletter. You can opt out of receiving email communication from us.

We do not ever receive, see, or store any financial information from the customer.

Does dogMelon share the information?

No, the information we collect is kept at dogMelon, and will not be seen by anyone else. It won't be sold to anyone, given to anyone, or viewed by anyone outside of Dogmelon.