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Ali Baba Solitaire

Ali Baba Solitaire is a variant of Forty Thieves. The differences are that there is only 1 deck, and entire runs of cards can be moved in one go. It's quite easy, although there is a large element of luck.


The aim of Ali Baba is to build 4 ascending suit sequences in the foundation zone.

How to Play:

The tableau contains:

In the manoeuvre zone, form descending same-suit sequences. (Eg: 7 of Clubs, on 8 of Clubs, on 9 of Clubs...)

In the foundation stacks, form ascending sequences of the same suit. (Eg: 3 of Diamonds, on 2 of Diamonds, on Ace of Diamonds...)

Mulitple cards can be moved at once, as long as they form a valid sequence.

An empty column in the manoeuvre can be filled with any card.

Cards can be dealt from the talon at any time... but there are no recycles allowed.

Ali Baba Example:

Suppose that the initial Ali Baba deal looks like this:

Ali Baba Solitaire 1
The start of ali baba solitaire deal #1...

Start by moving the 7 of Diamonds onto the 8, the 6 of Diamonds onto the 7, and the Ace up to the foundation...

Ali Baba Solitaire 2

We can now move the entire 8,7,6 sequence of Diamonds onto the 9...

Ali Baba Solitaire 3

We would continue playing, and try to free up a column, as it gives us much more possibilites to rearrange the tableau.