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Now Available on Apple TV - Our best version yet!

Did you know: The new (4th Generation) Apple TV can now play apps?

Now you can play your favorite apps on the big screen. Beautiful!

From your Apple TV, visit the App Store and search for 'Dogmelon Mahjong'. It's a free download - you can be playing in minutes.

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Layouts, Layouts, Layouts

Each layout provides a different challenge. If you master one layout, there are heaps of other layouts to try.

You can rest assured that Dogmelon Mahjong will keep you entertained.

Stylish Tilesets

There's something about Mahjong tiles.

If you've ever played with the real thing, you know that the way tiles feel in your hands when you pick them up, the little clinking noises they make are a big part of the appeal.

We've tried to capture this feeling in Dogmelon Mahjong. You get a wide selection of professionally-designed tilesets.

You can't actually grab the tiles yet, but you'll want to.

Three Games In One

Dogmelon Mahjong includes:

  • Traditional Mahjong Solitaire
  • Four Rivers Mahjong Solitaire
  • Concentration

So you can get busy relaxing, comfortable that Dogmelon Mahjong Solitaire is great value for money.


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