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We've collected all of your favourite solitaire games in a single, beautiful set.

'Great solitaire app
I love this app ... This brings me hours of enjoyment, and I can't put it down. Thank you for a nice app.'

cuddles0148, USA

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Variety of Games

List of Games in Dogmelon Solitaire

We've selected all the favourite Solitaire games in one pack, so you'll never be bored.

Is your favourite here? Check out the list of games.

As well as all the favourites, Dogmelon Solitaire contains a heap of other games. Chances are, there are quite a few you've never played before. Some of these were suggested by our customers. Others were included because, well, they were just too fun to leave out.

Easy to Play

'Downloaded a lot of different apps for this game and this is by far the easiest to operate...',

Rolaechea, USA

'I work with people with Impaired Vision. When I came across the Classic Solitaire (Klondike), because of it's large Card Size I knew it was a must for our people.',

Von E. Lieberman, USA

Big cards, so they're easy to move around. Even on small screens. Shaky hands? Don't see as well as you used to? No problem - we've made it easier to play.

Not to get too technical, but some people like to drag cards, others like to click. We don't force you to choose - our clever engineers let you do both

Easy on the Eye

Pretty cards, pleasant backgrounds. Change them whenever you want.

You like to change your look from time to time. Solitaire is no different.

Looking for Game Rules?

Game Rules for Dogmelon Solitaire

There are so many different Solitaire Games you can try! We give you a comprehensive set of Game Rules, and examples, so it's easy to learn new games.

Free Games - Did You Know?

Some of our early OSX customers bought Dogmelon Solitaire when it only had 10 games. Now it has more than 50!

We regularly add new games to Dogmelon Solitaire, and when we do, our customers get them for free.

You can feel completely confident that you are getting value for money - it's a sure thing.

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