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Wave Solitaire

Wave Solitaire is a dogMelon original, based on Corona and Golf Solitaire. It's quite an easy game, but special attention needs to be paid to fix inversions.


The aim of Wave Solitaire is to build 4 ascending suit sequences, in the foundation zone.

How to Play:

The opening tableau has:

In the manoeuvre zone, form descending sequences of same suit.

At any time, flip cards from the talon to the discard stack. Cards from the discard stack can be moved onto the manoeuvre stacks, as long as they are the same suit and one less in rank (Like Corona)

But cards can be moved to the discard stack, if they are of adjacent rank, regardless of suit. (Like Golf Solitaire)


Check for inversions- where a low rank card is underneath a high rank card. eg: The 2 of Spades is underneath the Jack of Spades. These will need to be "fixed" by using the discard pile when possible.


Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Wave Solitaire 1

The following 3 inversions exist...

All three inversions will need to be "turned around" to complete the game.

After moving the Ace of diamonds, the next move might be the 10 of Hearts to the Jack of Hearts. This is a good move for 2 reasons...

After moving the Ace of Diamonds, Ten of hearts, and Ace of clubs...

Wave Solitaire 2

We now should click the Talon, just to see whats available...

Wave Solitaire 3

The talon had a 6 of hearts. There is no 7 of Hearts to put this onto, or 5's or 7's available to put onto it, so we might deal some more from the talon, until we reach here...

The 9 of Clubs now gives us an opportunity to fix another inversion.

Wave Solitaire 4

Remember, cards can be moved to the discard stack if they have adjacent rank. So we can move any 8's or 10's we want to the discard pile.

So we move the 8 of hearts, because it fixes the 3 of hearts inversion...

Wave Solitaire 5

From here play will continue, until all inversions are fixed. Notice how more attention is spent trying to fix inversions, rather than move cards to the foundation. This is the key to winning Wave Solitaire.