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UPDATE 10 OCT 2015: New information on problems with OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)

A fix is on its way! (or may already be available). OSX users, check HERE for the latest information on the El Capitan OSX issues.

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Sea Towers Solitaire

Sea Towers Solitaire is a one-deck game, similar to Freecell Solitaire. Unlike Freecell, cards are built down in suit, and an empty column can only be filled with a King. This makes the game quite a bit harder than Freecell, but arguably makes it more fun.


To build 4 same suit rows in the foundation.

How to Play:

Sea Towers Solitaire starts with 10 standard stacks, each with 5 cards. There are 4 freecells (or in this game 'towers'), two of which contain a card when the game starts. There are 4 foundations stacks, all empty when the game starts.

Cards can be moved onto the standard stacks if they are the same suit, and one less in rank. For example, a 10 of Spades can be moved onto a Jack of Spades.

Empty columns can only be filled with a King.

Like Freecell, the game supports power moves. This is just a shortcut way to move multiple cards at once. Unlike freecell, empty columns are NOT used in calculating how many cards can be moved.

Sea Towers Solitaire Example:

Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Sea Tower Solitaire 1

The four stacks at the top-middle of the screen are the 'towers' or freecells). As you can see, two of them contain a card, in this case the 9 and 5 of spades)

With this game you might start trying to access the Ace of clubs, because both cards underneath it can be played without using the freecells.

So, move the 9 of clubs onto the 10 of clubs...

Sea Tower Solitaire 2

And the 7 of Diamonds onto the 8 of Diamonds...

Sea Tower Solitaire 3

Now the Ace of clubs can be moved to a foundation...

Sea Tower Solitaire 4

From this point the next move might be to move the 5 of spades away from the freecell, to free up one of the freecells...

Sea Tower Solitaire 5