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Royal Parade Solitaire

Royal Parade is an extremely challenging game, requiring strategy, concentration, and luck. Some games cannot be solved, but you can increase your chances a lot by concentrating fully.


Royal Parade is a 2 deck game. The aim is to build up the 24 suit foundations in multiples of 3.

How to Play:

The opening tableau has:

and a stock.

Aces can be moved to the ace stack at any time.

The top line of foundation stacks have a base rank of 2, and are built up in multiples of 3. eg: 2, 5, 8, J

The second line of foundation stacks have a base rank of 3, and are built up like this: 3, 6, 9, Q

The bottom line of foundation stacks have a base rank of 4, and are built up like this: 4, 7, 10, K

Reserve cards are available at any time.

Cards can only be built up in the foundation zone once the correct base is present. This can be achieved by moving a base card from the reserve, or swapping 2 cards in the foundation. This swapping can only be done if both cards will be in the right position after the swap.

At any time, deal from the stock, to distribute new cards to the reserves. Only the top card of each reserve stack can be played.


Don't do a move just because you can. The key to winning the game is holding off on moves, and avoiding "inversions" in the reserves. This is where a card that is needed, is buried above a card that uses that card (eg, a 4 of Clubs being above a 7 of Clubs).


Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Royal Parade Solitaire 1

Start by moving the Aces to the Ace foundation...

Royal Parade Solitaire 2

Now you might swap the 3 of Hearts in the top row, with the 2 of Diamonds in the second row...

Royal Parade Solitaire 3

We could move the 4 of Clubs down to the bottom row...

Royal Parade Solitaire 4

The 2 of Spades into the top row, and the 3 of Spades can go where the 2 was...

Royal Parade Solitaire 5

And then the 4 of Diamonds to the bottom foundation...

Royal Parade Solitaire 6

Foundations are built up by 3's. So we can move the 5 of Diamonds onto the 2 of Diamonds...

Royal Parade Solitaire 7

Similarly, we can move the 6 of Spades onto the 3 of Spades...

Royal Parade Solitaire 8

We then have extra spaces to move the 2 of Hearts from the reserve, and the other 4 of Clubs down to the bottom row...

Royal Parade Solitaire 9

At this point we might deal from the stock, and continue playing...

Royal Parade Solitaire 10