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Osmosis Solitaire

Osmosis Solitaire is a one-deck game, that is quite unique. The foundations "grow", in an interesting pattern, due to one specific rule- A card cannot be moved to a foundation, unless a card with the same rank is in the foundation above it. Their isn't much skill involved, and it can be quite hard to win a game.


To build 4 same suit rows in the foundation.

How to Play:

Osmosis Solitaire starts with 4 standard stacks, each with 4 cards. There is also a stock (containing 35 cards), and four foundation stacks.

One card is automatically dealt to the first foundation. This card becomes the base rank. The first card moved to all other foundations must be of the same rank as the base rank.

Cards can be moved to the foundation as long as 3 rules are followed:

The last rule does not apply to the first foundation- ANY card (of the right suit), can be played to the first foundation at any time.

You can deal one card from the stock at any time. You can recycle the stock as many times as you need.

Osmosis Solitaire Example:

Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Osmosis Solitaire 1

The base rank is determined by the first card in the first foundation. In this case, it is the Jack of Diamonds, so the base rank is Jack.

The 2, K, 9 and Q are the standard stacks.

Any diamond can be moved to the first foundation at any time during the game.

The first card to any of the other foundations must be the Jack. After that, any card of the same suit can be played, as long as there is a card of the same rank in the foundation above.

The first moves to do are the 9 and Q to the first foundation...

Osmosis Solitaire 2

At this point there are no more possible moves, so we deal from the stock, until we get to here...

Osmosis Solitaire 3

At which point we move the 3 of diamonds up.

Play continues (moving up diamonds as we go), until we get to here...

Osmosis Solitaire 4

At this point, we can move the Jack of Hearts out for another suit...

Osmosis Solitaire 5

At this point we can't move the King of Hearts up, because there is no Heart yet in the foundation above.

Later we get to here...

Osmosis Solitaire 6

Here we can move the 8 of Hearts up, because there IS a 8 (the 8 of diamonds), in the foundation immediately above.