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Dogmelon Solitaire Game Rules - Napoleon At Elba Island


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Napoleon At Elba Island

Napoleon At Elba Island is a 2 deck game, that allows moves in the manoeuvre zone using neighbouring-rank cards, making it similar in many ways to Golf Solitaire


To build 8 same suit sequences, 4 going from Ace to King, and 4 going from King to Ace

How to Play:

The 8 foundation cards are in the centre of the tableau. The manoeuvre zone is made up of 12 stacks around the foundation.

Cards in the manoeuvre zone can be moved if they are of neighbouring rank, regardless of suit.

Napoleon At Elba Island has some special rules specifying where cards can come from when they are being moved to the foundation:

When you get stuck you can recycle the cards in the manoeuvre zone.


Because the cards on the sides can be moved to the top, or the bottom foundations, you should try to move cards there if you can, because it gives you more flexbility and options.


Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Napoleon At Elba Island 1

We might start by moving the 8 of Clubs onto the 9 of Clubs:

Napoleon At Elba Island 2

This exposes a 6 of Hearts. We now move the 5 of Diamonds onto the 6 of Hearts.

Napoleon At Elba Island 3

Which exposes a Queen of Clubs. We would like to move this Queen onto the King of Clubs, but we can't. Only cards from the top (or the sides) can move onto the bottom row of the foundation. What we can do though is move the queen onto the Jack of Spades:

Napoleon At Elba Island 4

Now that the queen is on one of the sides, it can be moved onto the King of Clubs (Cards on the sides can be moved to the top or bottom foundations):

Napoleon At Elba Island 5

We would probably proceed play by moving the Jack of Clubs to the side, and then moving it onto the Queen.