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Dogmelon Solitaire Game Rules - Grandfather's Clock


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Grandfather's Clock

This game is interesting more for its attractive tableau than for its intellectual challenge. The success rate is high, and it requires only a small amount of skill. It does require some care.


To build ascending suit sequences in the foundation zone, until the rank of each foundation stack corresponds to that position on the clock.

How to Play:

The opening tableau has:

Cards can be moved in the manoeuvre zone if they are 1 less in rank, regardless of suit.

If an manoeuvre stack is emptied, then a card from the top of any other manoeuvre stack may be moved to the empty position.

Cards can be moved to the foundation zone if they are 1 more in rank, and the same suit.

The foundation stacks are circular, wrapping from King to Ace.


The initial tableau may look like this:

Grandfathers Clock Solitaire 1

Some starting moves:

Grandfathers Clock Solitaire 2

Continuing the game, the final tableau counts around from 1 to 12, similar to an actual clock face:

Grandfathers Clock Solitaire 3