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Eight Off Solitaire

Eight Off Solitaire is a one-deck game, similar to Bakers Game. Unlike Bakers Game, there are 8 freecells, and at the start of the game, 4 of them are filled.


To build 4 same suit rows in the foundation.

How to Play:

Eight Off Solitaire starts with 8 standard stacks, each with 6 cards. There are 8 freecells across the top of the screen, four of which contain a card when the game starts. There are 4 foundations stacks on the left hand side, all empty when the game starts.

Cards can be moved onto the standard stacks if they are the same suit, and one less in rank. For example, a 9 of Diamonds can be moved onto a 10 of Diamonds.

Empty columns can only be filled with a King.

Like Freecell, the game supports power moves. This is just a shortcut way to move multiple cards at once. Unlike freecell, empty columns are NOT used in calculating how many cards can be moved.

Eight Off Solitaire Example:

Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Eight Off Solitaire 1

The eight stacks at the top-middle of the screen are the freecells. As you can see, four of them contain cards.

With this game you might start trying to access the two aces in the second column...

So, move the 3 of diamonds to a freecell...

Eight Off Solitaire 2

And then the 2 of clubs...

Eight Off Solitaire 2

Now the Ace of Clubs, the Ace of Spades, and the 2 of Clubs can all be moved to the foundations...

Eight Off Solitaire 3

From here you now might move the 9 of Clubs onto the 10 of clubs...

Eight Off Solitaire 4

And the 8 of clubs onto the 9 of clubs...

Eight Off Solitaire 5