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UPDATE 10 OCT 2015: New information on problems with OSX 10.11 (El Capitan)

A fix is on its way! (or may already be available). OSX users, check HERE for the latest information on the El Capitan OSX issues.

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Algerian Patience

Algerian Patience is a rare, but fun 2 deck game. It requires some thought, but most games can be solved if you are careful.


The aim of Algerian Patience is to build 4 ascending suit sequences (from Ace to King), and 4 more descending suit sequences(from King to Ace)

How to Play:

At the start of the game, 4 Kings are automatically placed onto the first 4 foundations.

There are 8 stacks in the tableau, each containing 1 card.

At the bottom of the screen there are 6 reserve stacks, initially containing 6 cards each.

Cards can be moved in the manoeuvre zone, onto cards of 1 higher or 1 lower rank, but they must be the same suit. Ranks wrap, so a King can be placed on an Ace, and an Ace can be placed on a King.

Cards can be played from the reserve at any time. Cards can not be moved to the reserve, except for when a reserve is empty, in which case 1 card can be moved there.

Dealing from the deck will deal 2 cards to each reserve stack- except for the last deal, which will deal 1 card to each of the decks in the tableau.

Only a single card can me moved at once.


Suppose that the initial Algerian Patience deal looks like this:

Algerian Patience  1
The starting layout for Algerian Patience, deal #1

Start by moving the 4 of Diamonds onto the 3 of Diamonds...

Algerian Patience  2

Now move the 3 of Spades in the reserve, onto the 2 of Spades. (Note that we can build in the tableau in whatever direction we want- as long as the ranks are adjacent)

Algerian Patience  3

Now we could fill the spare space in with any card we want. I'll use the 3 of Hearts...

Algerian Patience  4

Which we can move the 2 onto...

Algerian Patience  5

Play will continue, probably moving the Queen up to the foundation next...