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Dogmelon Solitaire Game Rules - Aces Up


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Aces Up

Also known as 'Aces High'. This game is fast to play, and the rules are very simple. Despite the simple rules though, Aces Up has a low success rate.


To eliminate all cards in the deck except the four aces.

How to Play:

Aces Up is an elimination game.

The opening tableau has four columns, each initially containing one card.

Cards can be eliminated from the manoeuvre zone if there is another exposed card of the same suit with greater rank.

Any card can be moved into an empty column.

In Aces Up, the Ace is the highest rank, and can eliminate everything from a king downwards.


Suppose that the initial deal looks like this:

Aces Up 1

The 2 of Diamonds may be eliminated by the Jack of Diamonds (same suit, greater rank). At this point, because there is an empty column, any of the remaining exposed cards could be moved into that column. However, we elect not to do that.

The next deal reveals four new cards as follows:

Aces Up 2

The 2 of Hearts can immediately be eliminated by the 6 of Hearts, leaving us with a choice. Which of the three exposed cards (6 Hearts, 9 Clubs, 6 Spades) should we drag into the empty position?

Aces Up 3

Dragging the 6 of Hearts would allow no further elimination. Dragging the 9 of Clubs would allow one card to be eliminated (6 of Hearts). Dragging the 6 of Spades would allow two cards to be eliminated (9 of Clubs and 6 of Hearts). Since the object of the game is to eliminate all cards except for the Aces, we generally try to eliminate as many cards as possible. Therefore, we move the 6 of Spades:

Aces Up 4

Now the 9 of Clubs can be eliminated by the Jack of Clubs, and the 6 of Hearts can be eliminated by the 9 of Hearts:

Aces Up 5

Now no more cards can be eliminated, so it is time to deal the next four cards. This continues until you have dealt all 48 cards from the talon, in 12 lots of 4. To win, you will be left with 4 aces.