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Take a chance with your ants

Release Date: To Be Confirmed!

And now for something new ...

A completely original game from Dogmelon.

Bounce your ants around the pads...

...but make sure to keep them balanced...

Capture opponents...

...or tip them over.

Move in numbers to get your ants where they need to be - even throw your ants across deep chasms to join the fray!

You'll do whatever it takes to prevail.

Two Fun Game Modes

Designed from Day 1 to maximise multiplayer fun, Balants also contains a challenging single player game, which introduces puzzle elements.


Guide your ants through a series of levels, overcoming fresh challenges on each level.


Face opponents in a frenetic battle that only one team will survive.

Capture opposing blobs, or wipe them from the board completely.

But think fast: they'll try to do the same to you!

Note: Many ants were harmed in the making of Balants. Heaps. But it was totally worth it.